Natalia Moreno - Bio

Natalia Moreno is an expert esthetician with five years of experience in the skin care and body therapy industry. Her passion for skin and body care drove her to open her own spa business in South Miami. Natalia is dedicated to provide her customers with the right products that are safe for the skin.

In addition to spa services, Natalia also offers massages, nail services and waxing. Her expertise lies in providing skin care and body therapy treatments that help customers to maintain a healthy, radiant skin. With attention to detail and aesthetics, Natalia offers clients in finding the right solutions to a variety of skin and body care and challenges with positive outcomes.

Her specialities include botanic facials, body wraps, massages, wax, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, radio frequency facelift without surgery, nail services, cellulite treatments and a variety of other services that meet and exceed the clients’ expectations every time. She can help you discover the new you within few sittings at acompetitive cost.

With her extensive experience and love for her work, she helps her customers to look and feel their best while at the same time helping them to maintain positive, healthy attitudes.

Natalia Moreno
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